Fly agaric, or also popularly known as magic mushroom is regarded under various names and it has also variations when it comes to its legal status across the globe. This is also one of the controversial mushrooms in the world.  This is because of its complex species forms.

Now, the question you may want to know about this kind of mushroom is whether it is legal in the United States or not. Well, Amanita Muscaria is legal in the US despite the psychoactive properties that it has along with all of their related species. Moreover, Amanita Muscaria is not controlled by any means from a federal point of view in America. That being said, people in the United States are allowed to cultivate, own, purchase, sell, and trade Amanita Muscaria without any license ownership, special permission and a medical prescription.  However, there are some exceptions in the legality of this mushroom.

In the United States, the legal status of any matter, differs by depending on the law of the governing state. This means that the law regarding Amanita Muscaria will depend on the existing laws under a particular state. Hence, if a particular state doesn’t have legal status or laws about Amanita Muscaria, then that means that people are free to buy, sell, cultivate and trade this mushroom without any needed documents.

Some states are becoming concerned about the proliferation of the use and distribution of psychoactive mushrooms. As a matter of fact, back in 2006, the Department of Health stated that they did not have a plan to include Amanita muscaria in a group of substances to be put under regulations. So the approach of the state and the government in general to Amanita muscaria is not yet clearly defined. Thus, distribution and trading of this mushroom continues to spread across the country.

Now, another thing that you may want to know is whether amanita muscaria is safe to consume or not. Technically speaking, this mushroom is not poisonous in the sense that can kill a person who consumes it. However, it is poisonous in a sense that if it is not parboiled in plenty amount of water, then the uncooked or raw mushroom eaten will cause the person to become inebriated and possible nauseous.

This kind of mushroom is native ti deciduous and conifer woodlands across the boreal and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. This includes higher elevations of warmer latitudes in different regions like Central America, Mediterranean, and Hindu Kush. Now, the next question would be, is this kind of mushroom psychedelic? Well, technically speaking, this kind of mushroom doesn’t contain psilocin or psilocybin. Instead, it includes hallucinogenic chemicals like ibotenic acid and muscimol.

Amanita mushroom has been gaining lots of popularity across the globe as it is also controversial. With the continuous studies and research about this fungi, it will be possible in the future that some questions will be given answers. But always remember, it is smart to consult your doctor first before trying any substance.