Jesse James is being urged by a close friend to get tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The friend, who is a biker, tells IUC, that that some of the women Jesse James bedded down “were not the most clean people to be with” and that some of them have had “dozens of sex partners”.

“I guarantee you some of them had diseases that could be transmitted”, this friend of James tells IUC. The biker friend also expressed his concern for Sandra Bullocks health and well being because James could have brought a disease home to his wife if he indeed did contract one.

Jesse James’ mistresses have been very forth coming in their interviews about James’ habit of having unprotected sex. This would only stand to reason that it is possible a communicable disease can be contracted by James and then by Bullock. There is also a chance that it has not happened too. The friend says it is just better to be safe and know for sure.

If this biker is such a good friend of James’, wouldn’t it have been a more friend like gesture to express your concerns about HIV and STD’s in person, or at least in a private phone call. I cannot imagine “a close friend” expressing his concerns via the media. That close friend should soon be an ex-friend.

Whether James and Bullock have or have not contracted any type of diseases due to James’ sexual encounters is something we will never know, and we really don’t need to know this. Some things need to stay private. The public is not stupid, they already knew that it was a possibility after all the reports of the unprotected sex with strippers and porn stars. I am sure Sandra Bullock realized this very early on too. I cannot imagine that a good friend would go public to make sure James and Bullock took this into consideration.

It is amazing all the “good friends” that come out during a media frenzy to spill the dirt, or in this case to spill the dirt but under the umbrella of “concern”. With friends like these you do not need enemies.

An update on the Sandra Bullock and Jesse James divorce:

IUC reports that Sandra Bullock has finished filling out the papers for divorce and that she is in an undisclosed location caring for Jesse James three children while he is rehab for his sexual addictions. Bullock babysitting James’ children with though to have been a prelude to a possible reconciliation, but it does not appear to be so.

After five years of marriage, Bullock is getting a divorce from James. There has been too much betrayal to go back, James started his affairs with the mistresses just two weeks into their marriage.