There are plenty of heroes available in AFK Arena& while nearly all of them are at least usable, a few of them are quite ahead of a pack, & one should put added resources in getting them and polishing them. Distinct heroes are good at distinct stages of game because of a progression system: the hero’s max level is based on the level of ascension, & a few heroes reach a maximum level cap than others, which makes them more apt to later stages of a game.

Other things that one may consider, especially when they are building a team in the initial to mid-stages of a game (till hero level 160) how conveniently they’re to obtain. When you are looking for strategies & any tips on how actually to play the game, you may take the look at the AFK Arena beginner’s guide on the internet. 

Keep an eye when building the team

Another factor that one may consider when building their team is how you go about planning your composition to function and wok. You’ll have the frontline and the backline, on a frontline you’ll want a minimum of one tank, perhaps two, though a few of the agility heroes are good to put in the frontline too, thanks to the high mobility and the ability to dodge plenty of attacks. In the backline, you’ll want the support, very significant because of the heals and Crowd Control (CC) abilities, & then the damage dealers.

In this very AFK Arena guide, you will see the analysis of the finest heroes in each role, also you will be explained why they’re so good.

Brutus- Finest Overall Hero

It is universally concurred upon to be an absolute finest hero in the AFK Arena, and for fine reasons. He’s a good bulk and thanks for being the strongest hero, he deals with the insane amount of damage, and his set of skills are amazing. The amalgamation of Brutal Defiance and Last Gasp is the most strong combination of the spells in-game, ensuring Brutus happens to deal twice as much the damage while permitting him incredible survival.

Nemora and Tasi- Best Supports

As mentioned, Nemora is an incredible support hero. The level of sustain she offers is simply great in continuous game modes such as the Twin Peaks and the Labyrinth, and it is great in the regular battles as well. Then you have got Beguile, the ability that gets finer the stronger the enemies are, and goes insane at the level, that one unlocks at the level 181, permitting charmed enemies to simply cast the ultimates against their very own teammates.

Tasi is kind of offensively oriented, she may banish the enemy for four seconds, making them simply disappear from a battlefield, she may teleport around a battlefield buffing dealing damage and allies, and her final puts all of the enemies to go to sleep, dealing additional damage when they wake up. A great addition to each line-up.

Shemira and Belinda- Best Mages

Shemira is an insanely crazy powerful mage, who is capable of winning the fights on her very own, thanks to that ability that she possesses to heal herself, whilst making the enemy spellcasters of no use, her ultimate, the tortures souls, lets her clutch the games in the most despairing of situations, particularly at level three. Another factor that one may consider is how she’s to ascend, pretty much like Nemora, cause of the fact that one may simply buy her at the Labyrinth store.

Belinda, on the other hand, is all about dishing out the damage, she’s a very extreme chance of attacking for the critical hit, thanks to Blessing and Brilliance, whilst her other 2 spells deal huge damage in a region around her spot. When compared to Shemira, she definitely requires protection, as she can not sustain herself, so it is advisable that you play her with added defiance compositions.

Well, that’s all you have here to read and learn about the AFK Arena Finest Heroes. This is pretty much the end to AFK Arena guide to what one may consider these heroes as the best heroes in this game.