Medal of Honor:

Warfighter Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack Out Tuesday on PC Danger Close Games announced today that the Zero Dark Thirty map pack for Medal of Honor: Warfighter is now available on Origin. The map pack coincides the upcoming film Zero Dark Thirty, directed and produced by Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow. EA will be donating to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation: $1 from each Zero Dark Thirty Map Pack sold up through March

It’s been a long time since I did my beta impressions article for this.

With Call of Duty:

Black Ops II coming out at the same time of year as Medal of Honor:

Warfighter, it’s fair to say Medal of Honor: Warfighter was instantly pushed to the side as one of the video game industry’s gods approached the playing field. The playing field of online games should be excellent for increasing the winning experience. The selection of Best SSDs 2020 is made for playing of online games. The industry will offer the desired results and cash to the players. The use of the tips is there in the purchasing of the right and the best SSD. 

Medal of Honor:

Warfighter Teams up with Linkin Park Linkin Park has a pretty extensive history of teaming up with media outlets to get their new songs out there. Please tell me everyone remembers the Transforners movies, and how almost all of them featured a new song from Linkin Park? Well, since there are no more Transformers movies to leech off of, they have moved onto video games. The music video

Well, Battlefield 4 confirmed, I guess? Not that anyone is remotely surprised, but the game hasn’t actually been, you know, announced. Good one on you, EA. Anyway, apparently if you pre-order the upcoming Medal of Honor Warfighter usine EA’s digital download service Origin, you will get access to the unannounced game’s beta. EA has declined to comment, and shortly after

I talked briefly about a Dead Space and Need for Speed title in a prior news article, but I didn’t have a release date for the Dead Space game. Well, we’ve got one. EA said during a fiscal presentation that the next Dead Space game will be released in 2013 before the end of March.

Other titles revealed are Medal of Honor:

New Medal of Honor This October Hey, kids! Do your feeble thumbs grow tired of playing first person shooters taking place in the dramatic theater of modern day warfare? Because I’m sure not! Alright, maybe a little. As a follow up to the 2010 reboot, Danger Close studios is developing the next Medal Of Honor entitled Medal Of Honor: Warfighter. This time around the multiplayer component will be developed in

EA has announced the first two batches of DLC for Medal of Honor. Better yet, if you purchased a new copy of the game, one of the downloads is free. Who doesn’t love free

Open Beta For Medal Of Honor Multiplayer Now Live (PC) For just three days, until October 7 at 11:59pm PDT, EA has pre-released a portion of the Medal of Honor multiplayer game, allowing players worldwide to see Medal of Honor, set in the Afghanistan terrain using real-world weapons