Although this information is directed towards those caring for orphaned, feral, and/or sick cats, it is also helpful for those who simply wish to assure good health and long life for their feline friends. Cats will not eat foods they cannot smell, or foods which smell bad. Cats with severe upper-respiratory infections often need to be force-fed baby-food through a syringe before they will begin eating on their own. The regular feeding of “people tuna” can prove FATAL to cats! Feed cats ONLY fresh fish or canned tuna prepared especially for cats! Most stray cats are severely malnourished at best, and the most important thing one can do is let them be absolute pigs. cat’s portions should rarely, if ever, be controlled! A cat will usually find its balance, and not having food available at all times tends to create compulsive eaters who believe, beyond all reason, that each time may be the last time you remember to feed them. Whether cats are healthy or unhealthy, yogurt is one of the best foods you can give them, and they love it. Especially the vanilla yogurt.  

The acidophilus in yogurt is wonderful for the digestion, and We prefer health-food brands in order to avoid preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sugar, and the antibiotics and hormones found in most commercial dairy products. None of which is healthy for either animals or people. the very ill, and orphans. And we ALWAYS add vanilla yogurt to the KMR powder, creating a smoothe paste before adding warm water to the mix. This concoction is fantastic for putting meat on their bones. When animals aren’t eating, or need to gain weight rapidly, depending upon their condition they’re given either pureed chicken, turkey, or lamb, or chicken-sticks. When time allows, we make the purees, ourselves. Otherwise, we use jars of baby-food. Should a cat be unable, or unwilling, to eat of its own accord, feed it syringes filled with pureed lamb baby-food! We recommend using ONLY lamb in this circumstance, as it has the strongest smell and taste, and will encourage them to begin eating on their own more quickly than will use of chicken or turkey. We never give our animals beef.

 : If the jar is newly opened, the lamb will be room-temperature and you can fill the syringe, easily, simply by placing the opening into the meat and pulling up on the plunger. If the jar has been in the refrigerator, add a bit of warm water and stir before drawing the meat into the syringe. This will also keep the cat from getting an “ice-cream head-ache.”

 : When feeding seriously ill or malnourished cats, as above, we recommend:

 — Feedings should be 12mls – 15mls [three or four syringes full], every two hours. Alternate, giving pureed lamb at one feeding, and syringes of the KMR/YOGURT paste at the next.

 1 – 3 months of age — Feedings should be approximately 6mls [two syringes full], every two hours . Alternate, giving pureed lamb at one feeding, and syringes of the KMR/YOGURT paste at the next. SYRINGES ARE AVAILABLE AT YOUR LOCAL PHARMACY at a cost of approximately $0.10 each. They may be washed and re-used, indefinitely. We feed our animals just about everything we eat, ourselves. NO SWEETS or CRAP!!! The options are only as limited as one’s imagination and tastes. I’m a vegetarian and my brother is not. We are bothered, equally, at mealtime… TOP TEN THINGS OUR CATS LIKE TO EAT The NUMBER TEN THING Our Cats Like to Eat is

 Freshly-cooked beets! And the Number One Thing we enjoy doing afterwards is laugh at their little red faces;

 The NUMBER NINE THING Our Cats Like to Eat The NUMBER EIGHT THING Our Cats Like to Eat is

 Pasta with chunky tomato sauce and a light sprinkling of parmesan;

 The NUMBER SEVEN THING Our Cats Like to Eat is

 Hummus! Plain garbanzo beans. Actually, any kind of bean. Especially lentils. Bean soups are high on their lists, too;

 The NUMBER SIX THING Our Cats Like to Eat is

 ORGANIC ONLY livers, hearts, and kidneys! Whether raw or cooked will depend upon the animal. But the majority of our cats prefers spinach and/or broccoli to meats, paws down;

 The NUMBER FIVE THING Our Cats Like to Eat is

Tofu! Especially Boca Burgers. But they love a good stir-fry;

 The NUMBER FOUR THING Our Cats Like to Eat The NUMBER THREE THING Our Cats Like to Eat The NUMBER TWO THING Our Cats Like to Eat is

Eggs and potatoes.

Especially in a nice little salad with minced veggies;

 And the NUMBER ONE THING Our Cats Like to Eat is! 

 ANYTHING I, PERSONALLY, AM TRYING TO MUNCH IN PEACE! Those who wish culinary independence need only maintain a firm attitude and a kids’ table. We, on the other hand, enjoy a good tussle…

: We’d rather not use commercially processed foods, but would need a full-time kitchen staff to keep our animals in home-cooked meals. Therefore, we do keep dried food on hand. It’s best to use only one brand, as choices teach cats to run one in circles! We use IAMS, simply because we’ve had good luck with it, and bad luck with many others, including brands which are much more expensive. For quick weight gains, and for getting sickly animals to eat [as well as for nursing mothers], it has been our experience that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING beats Eukanuba kitten food. It’s expensive, and they’re less than generous with coupons and specials, but our main concern is the saving of lives, and the continued good health of our animals. Eukanuba is made by IAMS, and, once cats are healthy, we move them to their less-expensive line.

: We use NO SOFT FOODS other than “cat tuna,” which is tuna prepared with added vitamin e, specifically for cats. Almost all supermarket chains carry house-brands, and it is inexpensive. We are beginning to believe that some batches, however, have been the root of sudden worm infestations, and so have cut back, drastically, on our use of this product. REAL FOOD IS ALWAYS BETTER!

All in all, the aforementioned points can be followed by cat owners as it is important to monitor their health during peak seasons of summer and winter as that is when they are most vulnerable to illness and ailment and become prone to anxiety attacks which in turn has an adverse impact on their mental health so therefore, you can also take help of a famous website regarding CBD products for cats given in the link