Are you selling marijuana products or operating a cannabis dispensary, and want to expand your monthly sales figure? You should start advertising your products to Gen X. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why it is worth it to pour your marketing efforts to generation X, while providing some tips on how to properly advertise. Without further ado, let’s start:

What is a Gen X?

When it comes to age range, Gen X are people who are aged 39 – 54 this year or those who are born from 1960 to 1980. Gen X is in the middle of baby boomers and millennials in this regard. Gen X is also the people who are currently at their maximum potential when it comes to earning and spending, which makes them a good marketing target. To further expand on this point, Gen X is accountable for about a third of people who consume cannabis in places where it is legal.

  • Gen X knows the importance of their health

This target market is extremely inspired by their health. According to BDS Analytics, 50 percent of gen X knows the importance of maintaining their health, while 66 percent believes that marijuana is better than liquor when it comes to health benefits. For this reason, gen X is more inclined to use marijuana, both for recreational and health reasons. Female gen X is even more health-conscious, and as a result, are more inclined to use marijuana based products.

  • Gen X demographics are more inclined to use cannabis

According to data released by BDS Analytics, 60 percent of cannabis users prefer inhalable products, 30 percent prefers marijuana based edibles, while 10 percent prefers topical products. This percentage is the same with Gen X, which means that the gen X demographics represent the common marijuana customer.

  • Cannabis usage routines suit Gen X demands and tastes

With regards to ingesting cannabis, every generation demographics have differences on time, date of the week, and other factors. On the other hand, Gen X needs remedies for pain alleviation, anxiety management, as well as recreation. Cannabis based products are the perfect answer to all of the demands of Gen X. Focus your marketing strategy on highlighting the pain relief benefits of cannabis based products, and its ability to reduce stress, and its ability to be used for recreation.

Gen X demographics are more inclined to inhalables, but they are open to trying other forms of cannabis products too, such as edibles.

  • Gen X prefers products that are clear and easy to understand 

As we mentioned earlier, gen X is currently at the peak of their earning potential. As such, they are very busy with their careers, and will not tolerate products that are unclear, or inconvenient to use. For this reason, your advertisement to gen X should be clear, and easy to purchase. You should offer the ability to purchase online and set up a door to door delivery system for their orders.