Riccar vacuum cleaners have been around for over 55 years. Many people may not have heard of this exceptional company because they do not allow just anyone to sell their items, preferring instead to use an authorized dealer network.

Because of this, you can expect the person who sells you a Riccar vacuum to know quite a lot about the vacuum itself, as opposed to the big box stores where the employee will know about as much about toilet paper as he does vacuums. These dealers also handle everything from warranty work to accessory items on both their vacuum cleaners and their other specialty items. When the checking of reviews of the migliore robot aspirapolvere is there, the benefits are more in comparison to the others. There is offering of the best cleaning services to the people. Different stores are there who are offering the cleaning services. The reviews will offer the best cleaning services to the people. 

They sell both commercial and residential products that utilize the most useful features available. The company promises the highest quality designs, toughest materials, and best durability along with exceptional filtration, making Riccar a top choice for allergy sufferers. The company operates out of California, many of their vacuum cleaners are assembled in St. James, Missouri, and they store their merchandise in five warehouses across the United States so that they can quickly serve the needs of their customers and retail stores.

Riccar offers regular upright vacuum cleaners as well as canisters. They also offer a special line of lightweight vacuums that they dub SupraLite, which weigh no more than 8 pounds.

Their highest tier upright, called Premium Radiance, offers the best in cleaning performance by using two different cleaning motors in series. It also boasts a completely sealed HEPA filtration system, which is designed to catch over 99.9% of all dust and dirt particles down to 0.3 microns, as well as many other powerful tools all built into one machine. It even has a display that senses deeply embedded dirt in your carpet and will indicate when it has been removed, a feature that will make you wonder both how it does that and why no one thought of it before.

The 1800 Premium Canister is Ricarr’s top of the line canister vacuum. This unit offers both whisper quiet performance while being able to handle any and all flooring surfaces. It comes with many tools, including a wand that is quickly and easily detached when needed, and like the Premium Radiance, will tell you when your floor is clean.

The SupraLite series offer the best combination of deep cleaning and ease of use. The top tier model, the RSL5, even has customizable brushstrips to ensure the best, most thorough cleaning of your home.

No matter which of the Riccar vacuum cleaners you choose, you are sure to enjoy their legendary durability and multitude of useful features.