What does it take to have all the requirements in life when the resources are limited themselves? It becomes important to mention some points where certain aspects of any argument have to be looked into.

For example, when it comes to preferences, many people will have different opinions based on what they like at the moment like watching a particular movie depending on the mood or going out to a specific destination to spend the holidays.

For now let’s stick to household appliances that we use in our daily lives and without which our existence is virtually impossible to imagine like refrigerator, television, laptop, fans, etc. and it is the last one that we shall focus on in this article so that people can get an idea on what to expect.

Basic Structure

Everyone aspires to live in a large house with big rooms where each member gets to occupy one that his entirely his own with large appliances as the ones mentioned above because they are the important items that one needs to have due to unpredictable weather conditions.

Now we aren’t getting into what all the appliances to come in use for but how ceiling and table fans come in use for the larger period because we are past the summer phase and into monsoon season.

While ceiling fans are naturally used for providing a cool environment within the four walls of the house because while it may be possible to tolerate winter season even during its peak phase but when it comes to peak summers, things become cruelly intolerable to manage.

Table fans are quite underrated appliances as they are not frequently mentioned in discussions compared to their more erstwhile counterparts because it seems that the era of such fans are a thing of the past.

 The basic structure of the argument is that while table fans can provide some respite for people working from home, they cannot hope to replace the ceiling ones on a permanent basis as people argue that there isn’t enough need to acquire a table fan when ceiling fans are very much available.

Even though a table fan is smaller in size, it is no less effective in giving cool air that people are comfortable with and can do office work while sitting at their desk so let’s look into some great table fans that can come in use.


  • Crompton HS Plus-

A leading brand that is a well known name in household appliances of which ceiling and table fans are the most prominent of all with 1400 mm blades that are quite fast and agile

  • Oriental Electix-

It is quite fast in the league of table fans that is run through copper motor gets rid of dust particles in the air at a faster pace

  • Gorilla Efficio-

Quite a prominent brand that has become a popular choice for middle class families due to its affordable price

  • Crompton Nicolla-

This is different from HS Plus because it is used only during peak summer phase and guarantees 100% cooling effect that provides respite from the merciless heat