VaporFi is a name that many of my friends had been talking about so I decided to give them a shot. After hearing rave reviews from everyone else, I am pleased to announce that I wasn’t disappointed with what I got… Let’s see what else I thought in the VaporFi Pro review!

It’s priced at $49.99 which actually isn’t bad for this tank style atomizer vapes or e-cigarettes. Designed for vapors that are looking for a seriously powerful device (according to the website) with the option to buy it vape liquid online, making this device more convenient. I figured it would be great for my 20-a-day habit. I was always using the classic two-piece designs and running out of battery after all…

For your hard-earned 50 bucks, you’ll get one battery, one atomizer, one charging cable, a wall adapter, three little atomizers to replace yours when it burns out, and a little membership card… All in one of the smallest boxes I’ve ever seen. For eco-friendly factors, VaporFi scores a big tick already!

Let’s get to the heart of the matter – the only reason you’re going for one of these bigger, bulkier tank-style vapes is that you need juice and lots of it! I was super excited to see how long this one would last me. Sadly I’ve bought too many products that have fallen well below par so when I am promised a battery that will last all day, I’m not surprised when it doesn’t last quite that long.

Well, this 650mah battery packs a lot of punch, it must be said. This e-cigarette battery will last from about 7 in the morning when I get up, right up until 8/9 pm at night with regular usage throughout the day. I work in a sales-based environment so obviously on the shop floor I can’t sit there and vape away, but I do manage to get many hidden moments in the office or stock room where I take a cheeky puff or two on my vape, and there’s the constant puffing (or chain-puffing, as I like to call it) during my lunch break, in the morning, and also when I get home too. Occasionally, I’ve managed to make it last right through until bedtime – 11/12 at night.

The battery itself is quite long to be fair – almost 10cm long to be precise. When the e-cigarette is fully assembled, it’s almost 15cm long.

It has a diameter of around 1.5cm too – it’s a bit of a beast to be fair!

The battery has a button that needs to be pressed down whenever you want to inhale it. I like this battery – it flashes five times to let you know when it needs to be charged up (although you’ll be able to tell by the lack of throat hit, vapor, and flavor that comes from the atomizer). On top of this, you don’t waste any battery – you only press it down when you need to use it. Maybe that’s the secret behind why this thing will last me all day long and sometimes more!

I’ve had the same VaporFi Pro battery for 8 months so far and I’ve not needed to replace it yet. It’s lasting not quite as long as it did at the beginning, but I can still make it last almost the whole day. If I start to use it at around 7 am, it will die at about 3 pm rather than much later. Still, after eight whole months, that’s pretty impressive! I’m pretty impressed

It takes next to no time at all to charge – I would say about an hour and a half from the dead to fully juiced.

New 650mah batteries will set you back $24.99. It sounds expensive but just remembers… I’ve had the same battery for eight months so far. $24.99 for eight months’ worth of usage really isn’t bad at all. In fact, I would go as far as to say it was downright brilliant. You can see from the pictures used above; pictures of my own e-cigarettes, that the battery has been bashed a bit yet it’s still going strong.

If you’re going to spend $24.99 on a battery, you might as well just throw an extra $3 on there and get the bigger 1000mah batteries – these things last for the longest time! They are a lot bigger, of course, weighing in at an impressive 13cm plus, and there’s also the pro variable battery at $29.99. This is great for someone like me – I don’t like my e-cigarettes to be too strong first thing in the morning otherwise it hurts my throat… With the variable power batteries, you choose how strong!

Tell me about the atomizer…

I like the atomizer because although it’s completely encased by the same black, soft material that covers the battery, it has a little window to let you see how much e-liquid is left in the chamber. When it starts to run low, you simply fill it up, although I do recommend completely emptying it and wiping it out every now and again otherwise it will start to taste pretty bad

You get three replacement wicks in the starter kit, and in the eight months that I’ve been using VaporFi Pro, I’ve only needed to use two of the wicks. You’ll know when they need to be changed because they will start to turn the liquid a thicker, darker color, and they’ll start to get shorter and shorter until there is basically nothing left.

You can buy a five-pack of new wicks for just $14.99, and it’s always good to have these on hand! You never know when your VaporFi vape might just start to taste a bit gross.

A brand new VaporFi Pro tank is $14.99, but you can buy bigger ones and even clear ones if you wanted to. I don’t like the clear ones because, and I didn’t find myself needing the bigger capacity tanks either. The one that came with the starter kit was plenty – I only really top mine up a couple of times per day.

I want to know about the VaporFi e-liquid…

One of the things I love about the e-liquids that you can get from VaporFi is the flavors. There are plenty and if you don’t like what they have on offer, you can create your own custom blend to exactly how you like it. I don’t really bother will all that but I imagine it could be a lot of fun! Think of the possibilities!

Most 30ml bottles are about $14.99, but you can buy a 10ml x 3 sampler pack if you’re not sure what kind of flavors you fancy. There’s always an offer on such as ‘Blend of the Month’ with savings to be had. At the time of writing, they were offering 25% off Sweet Tobacco!

I don’t really play around with the various flavors that much, although I did quite like some of the fruity ones. The one that I felt was most like smoking a real cigarette was Classic Tobacco – there was something very nice about it!

There is more news when it comes to the VaporFi e-liquids too – you can create an e-liquid that is perfectly designed to match your specifications, making it the perfect accompaniment for your vape.

You can choose from the following strengths:

You can also choose to have your flavor strength changed too from one single shot, two shots, or three shots of flavor. If you like your e-liquid with a bit of bang, this is the right one for your buck

Oh did I mention the bottle – it’s got a nice and easy drip-tip to make refilling your tank or atomizer that much easier!

There are a few more benefits that I feel I should talk about with the VaporFi Pro. There’s the 30-day money-back guarantee for a start… If you don’t like what you got, just send it back for a refund.

There’s also a Home Delivery Program if you’re useless at ordering new stuff. You can sign up to have cartridges or e-liquids delivered to your home every month. You’ll also benefit from 10% off your orders, various ‘private’, and exclusive sales events that are held for members only, and you can even determine how often and what products are delivered. You are in complete control! I’m useless at remembering to put in an e-liquid order so this is actually a pretty impressive deal. You can cancel whenever you like too – you don’t need to sign up for twelve months or anything like that.

VaporFi Rewards is another massive benefit to using this brand of e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers. For every $200 that you spend, you get $20 back! Basically, when you spend a dollar, you get a point, and these can be used to get new e-cig stuff from the website for free or cheaper. You get more reward points for various activities too – you can earn more by liking the page on Facebook, signing up for their Home Delivery Program, and more. They even give you freebie points on your birthday… Isn’t that nice?

What makes VaporFi Pro the best e-cigarettes?

If you need a vaporizer that is going to do the job and do it properly, you need to check out the VaporFi Pro. I can’t rate this e-cigarette highly enough! It’s not too expensive and it offers a much better battery life than any of the other e-cigarettes I’ve been lucky enough to try. Plus it’s easy to use and feels great to touch. It looks good too – there are color options now with the clear atomizers and the funky-colored batteries, so it’s something that can easily be customized to suit anyone, for any occasion.

Honestly, aside from being a bit big and a bit bulky, it’s almost the best e-cigarette I’ve ever tried. I get plenty of throat hit, asses of vapor, and with the right e-liquid, this is the closest thing I’ve found to mimic the action of smoking a ‘real’ cigarette. In my opinion, they just need to pack that punch into a slightly smaller battery and I’d be more than happy.